Central Pennsylvania Auto Auction

41 Airstrip Drive
Mill Hall, PA  17751


Upcoming Events

  • Thursday Consignment and Lease Sale (Regular)

    Sale Types: Damage/Inop, Dealer, Internet, Lease, Sale
    Event Date: 5/13/2021 9:45am EDT

    500 - 600 Units every Thursday at 09:45AM, including 50 - 75 Off Lease, Daily Rentals and Bank Repossessions
    Video Inop Lane beginning at 9:45 AM in Lane 1

  • Dealer Consignment & Lease Sale PLUS UTILITY VEHICLE AUCTION

    Sale Types: Damage/Inop, Dealer, Internet, Lease, Sale, Specialty
    Event Date: 5/20/2021 8:00am EDT

    500 - 600 dealer consignments & 50 - 75 Fleet/Lease/Repo Units, PLUS over 100 UTILITY VEHICLES from a large Tele-communications company consisting of Bucket Trucks, Cargo Vans, Utility Trucks/Vans, Line Trucks and Trailers. All Utility Vehicles SOLD Absolute. UTILITY AUCTION starts at 8AM. Video InOp units offered at 9:45AM in Lane 1 Regular consignment sale starts at 10:00AM